Cantata Training Course for C


  • Datum: On demand
  • Dauer: 2 days
  • Ort: On demand
  • Sprache: English or German
  • Referent: QA Systems Product Trainer
  • Fruehbucher: N.A.
  • Preis: On demand

Course Description


This Cantata Training Course significantly increases the productivity of development and test engineers performing unit and integration testing of C code. The 2 day course covers the use of the Cantata Product with hands on examples and users own code. Once students have completed this course they can complete an optional 1 day Cantata C++ course (see below). After this course, students will be able to:


  • Streamline overall system verification
  • Use best practice unit and integration testing techniques with Cantata 



Optional Course Extension - Cantata C++ Course


This 1 day course is designed to follow on from the 2 day Cantata Training Course for C.

Please find detailed information in the PDF: Cantata 1 day Training Course Outline for C++


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