Mai 2020

Managing risks related to the obsolescence of safety-critical embedded software verification frameworks
Pierre-Henri Stanek, Cantata Product Manager

Obsolescence is one of the key elements that can increase the safety hazards for critical industrial systems. How can the software verification be maintained? Shall the developers restart testing all the code manually from scratch, or at least with the help of a recent software testing tool? Fin out the answers in this blog.

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The Pursuit of Perfection — An Effective Embedded Unit Test Process for Efficient Testing
Adam Mackay

As Embedded software developers, our focus is to accelerate and improve software development in the pursuit of perfection. In the forthcoming series of articles, I will look at elements that come together to make a successful, fully tested, embedded application.

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What You Don't Know About Software Quality
Adam Mackay

With more industries relying on complex software, and with safety standards evolving, the need for reliable dynamic test tools continues to grow.

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