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QA Systems Announces Version 9.0 of the Cantata Unit Test Tool

Today software quality company, QA Systems, has announced the anticipated release of Cantata version 9.0. This is a major new release of the Cantata unit and integration testing tool for C and C++. This version introduces support for Test Driven Development (TDD), by automating test script generation from header files. The cutting-edge Cantata Autotest feature has...

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QA Systems Announce Major New Version of Cantata Unit Test Tool

Today QA Systems announced the upcoming release of Cantata version 8.0. This is a major new release of the Cantata unit and integration testing framework for C and C++. This version automates test maintenance, custom code injection, and makes it easier to test across multiple embedded environments. A new Code Change Analysis feature has been added to cut test...

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PRQA announces first code analyser for AUTOSAR C++14 Coding Guidelines

QA-C++ 4.2 with AUTOSAR compliance module PRQA has announced the first commercially available tool for automatically applying the new AUTOSAR C++14 Coding Guidelines. The AUTOSAR Compliance Module is an extension to the QA-C++ 4.2 automated static code analysis tool. The AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) development partnership is working on “Guidelines...

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PRQA updates flagship static code analysis tools

Improved analysis and configuration options PRQA has released new versions of the market leading QA-C and QA-C++ automated static code analysis tools. QA-C 9.3.1 and QA-C++ 4.1 provide even better analysis and an improved GUI. “Automated static code analysis, by removing coding defects before compilation, cuts down on test and debug time, bringing projects to...

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QA Systems Releases Cantata version 7.1

Cantata unit and integration testing tool for C and C++, is now available as version 7.1. The new version makes it very easy for customers to deploy Cantata for use in any target environment as well as introducing the latest developments in bi-directional requirements traceability.  The release of Cantata 7.1 was announced today by leading software quality company...

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Largest contract for Cantata

February 2015 - After an evaluation phase lasting several months, the decision has now been made: Robert Bosch GmbH will invest in Cantata. The dynamic source-code analysis tool beat out several competitors. In the decision for Cantata, both the functionality and the efficiency of the tool played a large role – Cantata allows work to be automated to a very great...

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