Converter for IBM Rational Test RealTime to Cantata


Because the new version of IBM Rational Test RealTime is no longer completely compatible with its predecessors, many developers are searching for a sensible alternative. With its converter to Cantata, QA Systems offers a secure, quickly implementable, effective solution for dynamic testing. This retains the advantages of Cantata for developers.

IBM Rational Test RealTime was conceptualized as a cross-platform solution for component tests and runtime analysis for developers who create complex systems for embedded, real-time-oriented, or other cross-platform, distributed applications. Like Cantata from QA Systems, Rational Test RealTime assists in locating and correcting errors before they reach the production code.

The new version of Rational Test RealTime is no longer completely compatible with its predecessors. This causes many developers to wonder how they will be able to continue to use their test scripts in the future.

QA Systems, the specialist for static source-code analysis and dynamic testing, makes this decision an easy one: a fully automated test-script converter on QA Systems’s Cantata not only allows automatic conversion of test scripts from Rational Test RealTime to Cantata, but with very little effort, developers can continue to use their test scripts while benefitting from the many advantages of Cantata for their software solutions. This gives them a modern, intelligent testing tool that is state-of-the-art in dynamic testing.

A significant advantage of Cantata over Rational Test RealTime is its comprehensive certifications. The tool for dynamic source-code analysis is certified as being “suitable for the development of safety-relevant software”. Cantata has been granted important safety certificates for with the automotive (ISO 26262:2011), industry (IEC 61508:2010), railways (EN 50128:2011), nuclear (IEC 60880:2006), medical (IEC 62304:2006) and avionics (DO-178/DO-330) sectors.

Cantata automates and manages complex tasks during the testing of applications that are critical to safety. The automation includes the generation of the entire testing environment, the instrumentation of the code coverage analyses, the generation of a test-case framework, and the execution of test cases. Cantata is available for the entire Eclipse development environment, “built-on”, and as a set with “Eclipse-ready plug-ins”.

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